Open Access Week Feature: SMAST Professor Published in OA Marine Science Journal

International open Access Week is a time to recognize scholarly research and published works that are available free of charge and unfettered by access barriers. Today we highlight Associate Professor Gavin Fay’s recent publication to promote Open Access publishing activities. Prof. Gavin Fay (Fisheries Oceanography) co-published “Navigating concepts of social-ecological resilience in marine fisheries under climate change: shared challenges and recommendations from the northeast United States” in ICES Journal of Marine Science. Starting in January 2023, ICES Journal of Marine Science became freely available, including the archive which extends back 120 years! Fay’s article focuses on the challenges and ambiguity in social-ecological resilience concepts and explores implications for research and implementation. Kudos to Prof. Fay!

Prof. Fay also has an openly licensed lab manual that is now linked in the UMassD Open Educational Resources (OER) Hub available through OER Commons. This lab manual resource is intended to provide an overview for lab members and others about how the lab operates and centers around developing interdisciplinary modeling approaches to extend the scope of applications for fisheries and ecosystem-based management.

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