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The Scholarly Communications Committee (SCC) is an interdepartmental committee of UMass Dartmouth librarians, library staff, instructional development specialists, and faculty. It was formed to address the growing need for open and shared access to teaching, research and scholarly content. In response, SCC developed guidelines and resources for best practices associated with Fair Use, Open educational Resources (OER), Open Access (OA) Scholarship and Open Data. The SCC sponsors programs, guest speakers, participates in workshops and conference, and offers information and assistance related to Open Access. Beyond OER and OA, we communicate information, opportunities, and technological developments in the process of sharing, publishing, and storing research findings and scholarly works so that they are available to the wider academic community and beyond.

Committee Members

  • Emma Wood, Chair
  • Lorraine Heffernan
  • Jo-Ann Cooley
  • Judith Farrar
  • Megan Fletcher
  • Kari Mofford
  • Matt Sylvain
  • Heather Tripp

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