WEBINAR: Helping Students Make Sense of Fair Use

The UMass Dartmouth Committee for Fair Use would like to invite you to a webinar made available by the Boston Library Consortium on Wednesday, January 15 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in the Library, room 314.

Webinar: Helping Students make Sense of Fair Use

So if we’re confused about copyright, what about our students? How do we help them think critically about using copyrighted materials in their classroom assignments when we’re not even sure ourselves? This webinar will describe current fair use analysis and provide a framework to guide students in making sound decisions about using copyrighted material in their work.

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Questions?  Please email: fairuse@umassd.edu

How Fair is Fair Use? Issues from the Front Lines of Copyright, Scholarly Communication, and Open Education

Copyright & Fair Use are hot topics today with recent court cases in the news.  It’s also a topic that brings feelings of confusion and frustration over what we can and can’t do in a digital age.

Please join us with your questions and concerns for a presentation and discussion by Marilyn Billings and Laura Quilter from UMass Amherst Libraries about scholarly communication, open education, and fair use interpretations of course materials, electronic reserves, streaming videos, and what you can include in myCourses.

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We hope you will join us for a lively discussion about a topic that affects all of us!

Friday, September 20, 2013, 10:00AM-1:00PM in the Claire T. Carney Library’s Grand Reading Room

Marilyn Billings: http://www.library.umass.edu/marilyn-billings/

Laura Quilter: http://www.library.umass.edu/laura-quilter/